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The ERC Project will largely utilise feedstock from the CORC facilities’ existing units and will sell its refined products to EGPC at international prices. ERC will produce European (EU V) grade diesel and IATA worldwide specification jet fuel for use solely in the domestic market of Egypt.

ERC Products will include:

·        European-Grade (EU V) Diesel
·        IATA Worldwide Specification Jet Fuel
·        Kerosene
·        Reformate
·        Naphtha
·        Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
·        Fuel Oil
·        Sulphur and Coke (marketed to industrial users and suppliers)

ERC’s products will allow Egypt to depend more on locally-produced products than imported diesel and LPG. The graph below demonstrates Egypt’s increasing demand for the light distillates ERC will produce.

The forecast for the next ten years indicates: