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Environmental/Social Impact Assessment

Following international and Egyptian “best practice standards”, ERC produced an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Project to assess potential impacts which the Project might have on neighboring communities and other stakeholders and to propose appropriate mitigation measures.

The objectives of ERC’s ESIA process were to:

ERC’s ESIA process included a series of extensive consultations with the public, government officials, NGOs and others, which will continue throughout the design, construction and operations phases of the Project. ERC is committed to engage all stakeholders, consider their views, and address their concerns and needs to ensure that the Project remains a “Good Neighbor” within the community.

A Non-Technical Summary of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment is available in both Arabic and English Languages. In addition, a description of the Positive Benefits of the Project may be seen here.

An Environmental And Social Action Plan (ESAP) was developed as well to ensure proper monitoring and control of the ESIA objectives.